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Supported BioCARE projects at Lund University 2010-2013:

Supported Translational Projects at LU 2011- 2013.

PI: Niklas Loman

Project: ”Fas-2 studie neoadjuvant GEX-selektion”

Project start: October 2012

PI: Thoas Fioretos

Project: ”IL1RAP as a biomarker and therapeutic target in human leukemia and melanoma”

Project start: July 2012

PI: Mattias Belting

Project: ”Biomarkers of anti-angiogenic treatment of cancer”

Project start: December 2012

PI: Anders Bjartell

Project: ”Novel STAT3-inhibitors in prostate cancer”

Project start: December 2012

PI: Tommy Andersson


Project start: January 2013

PI: Lisa Rydén

Project: ” THE LIQUID BIOPSY in BREAST CANCER (LBBC) a diagnostic tool for prediction of outcome and tailoring of systemic therapy”

Project start: December 2012

PI: Peter Siesjö

Project: ”Prostaglandine E2 and interferon‐gamma as biomarkers for successful clinical immunotherapy against malignant CNS tumors.”

Project start: April 2013

PI: Sara Ek

Project: ” Evidence-based design of clinical lymphoma treatment protocols using functional screening in zebrafish”

Projektstart: March 2013

PI: Maria Alvarado-Kristensson

Project: ”Development of novel drugs that inhibits γ-tubulin activities to kill tumor cells with nonfunctional RB pathway”

Project start: November 2012

PI: Anders Bjartell (joint project with GU Jan-Erik Damber)

Project: “Bone Scan Index and Circulating Tumor Cells as Biomarkers of tumors progression and individualized Treatment of advanced Prostate Cancer”

Project start: December 2012

PI: Hans Ehrencrona

Project: “Cancer genetics for personalized risk assessment, prevention and early diagnosis”.

PI: Lao Saal

Project: “Detection of patient-specific tumor rearrangements in blood plasma for monitoring therapy response and metastasis (SAGA Study)”

PI: Håkan Axelson

Project: “Development of risk stratification of stage 4 neuroblastomas using a three-gene ratio score.”

PI: Signe Borgquist

Project: “Targeting lipid metabolism in cancer – addressed in a translationally edged clinical trial”

PI: Marcus Järås

Project: “Antibody targeting of Toll like receptors for eradication of acute myeloid leukemia stem cells”

PI: Ramin Massoumi

Project: “Inhibition of Bcl-3 as a potential therapeutic target for skin cancer”

Young investigator award 2013 - 2015

PI: Linda Holmquist Mengelbier (2015)
Project: "Characterisation of putative novel therapeutic targets in Wilms tumour"

PI: Jonas Sjölund (2015)

Project: "The role of Hipk2 in transcriptional programs geverning cancer metabolism"

PI: Anna Andersson (2013)

Project: “Identification of therapeutic targets in acute myeloid leukemia with IDH2 mutations and activated kinase signaling”

PI: Yvonne Ceder (2013)

Project: “microRNA replacement therapy for advanced prostate cancer”

Supported PhD projects at LU 2010-2013

PI: Axelson Håkan, LU

co-PI: Johansson Martin E, LU

Project: ”Identification of prognostic biomarkers for clear cell renal cell carcinoma”

Student Jennifer Hansson, start 110301

PI: Åke Borg, LU

co-PI: Sofia Gruvberger-Saal, LU

Project: ” Notch signaling in human breast cancer”

Student: Tamara Tjitrowirjo start 100401 (to May 2012), Malin Dahlgren (from Nov 2012)

PI: Sara Ek, LU

co-PI: Carl Borrebaeck, LU

Project: “SOX11 - a novel target molecule for improved lymphoma diagnostics and therapy”

Student: Lena Nordström, start 100701

PI: Ola Forslund, LU

co-PI: Joakim Dillner

Project: “Biorepositories in the development of biomarkers for cancer prevention”

Student: Hanna Johansson, start 101101

PI: Ramin Massoumi, LU

co-PI: Per Karlsson, GU

Original Project: “The role of NLK in breast cancer” to December 2012

New Project: “The role of Deubiquitination enzyme BAP1 in breast and prostate cancer” from January 2013.

Student: Gina Shaw Hallgren, July 2010 - November 2011. Reihaneh Zarrizi from January 2012

PI: Björn Nilsson, LU

Project: ” Systems biology of malignant blood disorders: modeling and modulating marrow misbehavior”

Student: Leo Taslaman 101201 - fall 2011, Ildiko Frigyesi from March 2012.

PI: Carlos Rovira, LU

co-PI: Åke Borg, LU

Project: Non-coding RNAs biomarkers in breast cancer

Student: Inga Newie, start 110601

PI: Lars Rönnstrand, LU

co-PI: Jianmin Sun, LU

Project: “Presence of Flt3-ITD mutations as a predictor of poor outcome in acute myeloid leukemia: elucidation of mechanism of transformation and downstream signal transduction pathways and use of phosphospecific antibodies as potential diagnostic tools”

Student: Elena Razumovskaya, start 100701 Thesis Dec 2011.

PI: David Gisselsson Nord

co-PI: David Lindgren

Project: “Identification and functional studies of prognostic biomarkers in childhood renal tumours: an exploration of embryonic progenitor cell hierarchies in tumor disease”

Student: Daniel Sehic, start 110801

PI: Mattias Höglund

co-PI: Markus Ringnér

Project: “Clinical implications of changes in the urothelial cancer methylome”

Student: Mattias Aine, start 110801

PI: Göran Jönsson

co-PI: Åke Borg

Project: “Screening for Mutation Patterns and Dissecting Therapeutic Resistance to BRAF-inhibition in Melanoma”

Student: Helena Cirenajwis, start 120101

PI: Sven Påhlman

co-PI: Caroline Wigerup

Project: “Hypoxia inducible factor 2α (HIF2α) as a prognostic marker and treatment target in disseminated tumour disease”

Student: Arash Hamidian, start 110801

Supported BioCARE projects at Gothenburg University 2010-2013:

Supported PhD projects 2010-2012

PI: Tommy Martinsson

Co-PI: Sven Påhlman, LU

Project: Genetic and clinical evaluation of chromosome 11 in high-risk neuroblastoma –relationship to genetic instability and hypoxia

Student: Niloufar Javanmardi, start November 2010

PI: Keiko Funa

Co-PI: Sven Nelander

Project: The orphan nuclear receptor TLX as a biomaker of cancer stem cells in tumors of the nervous system

Student: Ravi Kanth Rao Saini, start September 2010

Supported Translational Projects 2011- 2012

PI: Martin Bergö

Project: Genetic strategies to study mechanisms and treatment of Kras- and BRAF-induced cancer

Project start: November 2011

PI: Eva Forssell-Aronsson

Project: Development, optimization and clinical studies of radioactive drugs in the treatment of neuroendocrine tumors

Project start: November 2011

PI: Jan-Erik Damber

Project: Treatment strategies for castration resistant prostate cancer

Project start: November 2011

PI: Kristoffer Hellstrand

Project: Novel biomarkers in AML immunotherpy

Project start: November 2012

PI: Jan-Erik Damber

Co-PI: Anders Bjartell

Project: Bone scan index and circulating tumour cells as biomarkers of tumour progression and individualized treatment of advanced prostate cancer

Project start: November 2012

PI: Jonas Nilsson

Project: Checkpoint signaling as target for anticancer drugs

Project start: November 2012

Support to stimulate young scientists to establish an independent research group at Sahlgrenska Cancer Center (2012)

PI: Helena Carén

Project: Integrated analysis of the genome and epigenome of brain cancer stem cells; identification of tumour heterogeneity, biomarkers and drug targets

Project start: December 2012

PI: Fredrik Bergh Thorén

Project: Interactions between NK cells and myeloid cells in leukemia

Project start: December 2012

PI: Anna Martner

Project: Differentiation and immunomodulation in leukemia – a translational approach

Project start: December 2012

PI: Anders Ståhlberg

Project: Signaling pathways in FET fusion oncogene caused sarcomas at single-cell level

Project start: December 2012

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