biocare2-logo.gif Biomarkers in Cancer Medicine

The aims of the research school are

  • to support projects with a cancer biomarker focus by co-funding PhD student positions.
  • to provide a forum in common to students, postdocs and senior PIs sharing interest in cancer and biomarker research, thereby creating a link between research groups within and between Lund an Gothenburg's universities.
  • to provide PhD students within cancer research knowledge regarding biomarkers and their importance in cancer diagnostics, prognostics, treatment evaluation and treatment stratifications.

The dates for upcoming retreats and Advanced Seminars in 2017 are as follows, please book these dates now:

BioCARE Advanced seminar June 15th 2017, Lund.

If you have any questions please contact:

Kristin Lindell or the director of the Research School

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BioCARE Lund University - Medicon Village 406 (311K2), Scheelevägen 2 - SE-223 81 Lund - +46-46-2226420

BioCARE University of Gothenburg - Cancer Center Sahlgrenska - Box 425 - 405 30 Göteborg -

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