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For students interested in doing a master thesis work (10th semester, 20 weeks) in Cancer Research at Lund University

Dear student,

Most welcome to the BioCARE research community! BioCARE is a governmental supported strategic cancer research program shared between universities of Lund and Gothenburg. The overall aim is to promote research within the field of cancer of highest international standard and to facilitate the translation of acquired knowledge to Society – in the case of BioCARE, Health Care and Industry are the natural partners.

Most cancer researchers at Lund and Gothenburg Universities are associated with BioCARE and several exciting research projects are currently ongoing. Should you be interested in doing your master thesis work in cancer research, please contact the principal investigators (forskargruppsledare) listed under “Research Groups”. This list will bring up the names of our principal investigators, their research area, and contact details. You can also search for research groups doing research on specific cancer types by entering the tumor type you are interested. Please note that some of the principal investigators are located at Gothenburg University, thus you should only contact those that belong to Lund University.

To contact each principal investigator use the standard letter provided at:

Läkarutbildningen, examensarbeten nya termin 10

Should you have any specific questions or have difficulties in identifying specific projects of you interest, you are more than welcome to contact the director of the research school, professor Thoas Fioretos at the address provided below.

Thoas Fioretos, MD, PhD

Director of the BioCARE Research School


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BioCARE University of Gothenburg - Cancer Center Sahlgrenska - Box 425 - 405 30 Göteborg -

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